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What to Expect from the Ladypreneur Community

  • Promotion + Spam-Free Zone

    We have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. No self-promotion, selling or affiliate links are allowed! The community is closely monitored + members who violate this policy are removed immediately without warning.

  • Virtual High Fives + Happy Dances

    Your husband may not get it, but we do! Come celebrate reaching big + small business milestones with people who understand and relate to what you’re going through.

  • No Judgement Zone

    This is a safe space for you to ask for the help you need without shame, or fear of judgement. Trust you’ll get the answers you need from other ladies who have #beentheredonethat.

  • Networking + Genuine Connections

    This is the place to spark new ideas + friendships. We all need our “biz besties” — this the place to meet yours. We encourage members to reach out to one-another and make meaningful connections.

  • Exclusive Member Trainings

    We invite guest experts to share their knowledge with the group. You’ll have the opportunity to join these FREE live trainings, or view the recording at a later time.

  • Actionable Business Tips

    We post weekly tips + prompts to challenge you to take action towards reaching your business goals. You may be in business for yourself, but you don’t have to do it by yourself!

“Thanks Jessica! This community has been so useful and such a great support. I look forward to learning and sharing more.”

– emma

What You’ll Get When You Join

In addition to free membership in the Facebook group, you’ll also get:


The Must-Have Tools for Running a Successful Business Online

  • Building Your Brand + Website

    Learn the tools I recommend for building beautiful + highly effective brand assets, sharable images, and website.

  • Growing Your Email List

    Learn which tools I recommend you use to grow + manage your email list.

  • Time (and Sanity) Saving Tools

    Your time is precious. Learn the tools I use to get focused and save


Listing in the Ladypreneur Community Member Directory

  • Connect + Interact with Group members

    Looking for a virtual assistant? a copywriter? A designer? You can easily search for + connect with members in a specific industry (no jenky Google Spreadsheet required)

  • Make it IRL Official

    Search by location + make a coffee date with ladypreneurs who are in your local area, or in the same town as that conference you’re traveling for next month.


Join Jessica + Other Guest Experts LIVE in the Group Each Week

  • Live Website Reviews

    Your website is an expression of your brand + your business. Is it sending the right message? Is it working as well as you’d like it to? Each week we review real websites + give advice on how to better results with your website design + strategy.

  • Expert Business Advice

    Join Jessica + her Biz Besties as we share what’s working right now on a wide range of topics from social media strategy and sales, productivity + getting sh!t done, to success mindset and how to take your BIG ideas and make a BIG impact.


Please Read These 5 Rules Before Joining

Absolutely No Selling or Promotions

This includes links to your website, blog, store, webinar or event, free or paid. This also includes sharing or re-sharing branded images and/or posts from other pages. No asking for sales, PMs, or for other members to contact you for more information about selling.

Be Kind, Respectful, and Helpful

Be generous with your expertise, empathy, and understanding. Treat others with the respect + kindness. We’re here to support one another. If you post asking for help, please also try to answer a question from someone else.

No Sharing “Viral” Content

Please only share original content that is relevant to the group. Please don’t post inspirational quote images or other content seeking to gain attention for your business or brand.

Please Respect the Organized Threads

From time to time, we’ll post organized threads that allow you to share what you’re working on. We do this in order to get to know what our fellow community members are up to. Please don’t use these as an opportunity to “pitch” yourself. We reserve the right to close comments on threads, or delete inappropriate comments.

No Peacocking or Sharing Unsolicited Advice

We love giving out virtual high-fives around here, but long braggadocios stories give us that “ick” feeling. Same thing goes for posting “tips of the day” or posting unsolicited advice in the group. We know you’re awesome at what you do + have SO much to offer….we just want you to find the right place to do it so your contribution can truly be appreciated!

Are you ready for support, genuine connection, and a little omg-I-needed-that kind of advice from your online business peers who just get it?


“I love Jessica Rea. Everything she puts out is real, honest and completely accessible.”

– cristina

Meet the Organizer

Hey there, I’m Jessica

I’m a 100% self-taught graphic designer + digital marketing consultant who set out to start my own business with no runway, no savings, and no web design experience. Today I run a six-figure web design business with industry leading clients like Amy Porterfield, Female Entrepreneur Association, Diane Sanfilippo, Todd Herman, Merrymaker Sisters, and Melissa Ramos, just to name a few. Learn more about me »

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